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[Experience Korea ②] Seoul's Hip Place: Garosu-gil

[by Cho Suyoun] ‘Gangnam’ is probably the most popular region in Korea to people from abroad. Some might think that Gangnam is just a place where rich and fancy people live, but this borough is actually quite big and is comprised of many towns. Among all the areas in Gangnam, ‘Garosu-gil’ is currently the hottest place for local Koreans. ‘Garosu-gil’ (Garosu: street trees; gil: road) is a long street, where unique restaurants and shops are located with ginkgo trees on both sides of street.

On this street, you can find fine Italian restaurants, Thai dining, fusion or just classic Korean foods. In addition, there is a mix of brand shops and vintage ones, providing exotic views not only to local Koreans but also to foreign tourists. The street has become beloved place for so many people and it is now called Korean version of SOHO.

Now, let’s discover what types of stores are on this famous street and which places are especially favored by local Koreans.

‘Garosu-gil’ is often referred as the trend mecca in Korea. So many fashion people love to visit here and there are various shops selling very unique stuffs. The photo in the above is a branded shop. Not only there are vintage shops, but also some branded shops exist such as H&M, ZARA and Forever 21. 

People say, if you want to know the trend in Korea, visit Garosu-gil. It’s a great chance to look around and check out what’s favored by Korean people including men! On this street, men got some style as well.

When one walks halfway down on the road, many fine shops start to appear. They are mostly for women and sell exquisite items from coat to accessory. However, one must know that some of the products are over-priced compare to the quality so one must tour around all the shops before purchasing same item for twice more expensive.

Apart from shops, people can easily find accessory on the street. The items are mostly hand-made and if you get lucky, you can see the designers actually making jewelry. Most of the items they sell are bracelets, hair pins, necklaces and rings. Those colorful and unique things will attract your eyes instantly!

If one finds Garosu-gil, it’s easy to notice some small streets (known as Serosu-gil) that stretched behind the sides of main road. And in the far back, there is an ice-cream place where Koreans love to visit. The place is called SOFTREE and they provide dairy ice-cream with honey chip on it. It is famous for getting milk from Sangha Farm in Korea.

This tiny ice-cream shop opened only a few months ago, but it has become Koreans’ most favorite dessert place instantly. Normally, people wait in a long line for approximately 20~30 minutes just to get an ice-cream, but they all say it’s worth the wait.

On the menu, there are several different ice-creams, but among all, the one with a piece of honey chip is most popular choice. The owner stacks a pile of fresh honey chips every day and cut them into slices. 

This is how ice-cream is sold when one orders with cone. To prevent melt down, there is a special cap provided.

The long red block is what Garosu-gil is. As can be seen, there are many shops and restaurants located on small streets stretched out from main Garosu-gil. The road can be reached from Sinsa Station, Exit 8 (marked in dotted red line). After walking 100 meters, the street will be on the left side.

And the red star sign is where SOFTREE is located. Since there are many small side streets, you should be careful! The side street you should reach is across DIESEL store. (photo by bntnews DB, map from the Dangol.com)

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