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[Korean Indie Musician #1] Sweet Acoustic Pop Band, Standing Eggs

The word ‘Indie’ from ‘indie musician’ is short for ‘Independent.’ So the true meaning of indie musician is a musician who is not affiliated to any big entertainment agency and independently makes his/her own music without any pressure or others’ will. This column is to find those hidden musicians who have their unique colors and charms like a gemstone and introduce them to the world. 

[by Chloe Yun] “We don’t want be a star; we just want to do music and that’s all. We will always be an indie forever.” 

Known for its mellow acoustic sound and sweet lyrics, Standing Eggs has become one of the most popular indie bands in Korea. From ‘Break Up For You, Not Yet for Me’ to ‘Painful Sunshine’ to ‘Have You Ever Been In Love,’ every song they released sweeps the indie chart hogging the love of indie fans. 

However, there is zero information about Standing Eggs members, except for the fact that it consists of three male members. The members never reveal their face and even their names. Instead, they use mysterious nickname like Egg #1, Egg #2, and Egg #3.  

Who on earth is this mysterious indie band that has captivated many female’s ears and heart and brought acoustic wind to Korea? Let’s find more about them and hear their attractive life story as a musician. Don’t forget to hit the play button below and listen its latest song while reading their interview! 

Briefly Introduces Standing Eggs

Standing Eggs is widely known as an indie band, but we are actually a ‘producing unit’ that consists of two composers (Egg #1 and #2) and one lyricist (Egg #3).  We make songs and other musicians play it. We sometimes invite a vocalist to sing the song (when we find the right voice that fits the song), but Egg #2 usually sings the majority of male parts. 

How Did You Start an Indie Unit? 

When I was young, we were so surprised and amazed by Michael’s songs. His song was so good that I got goose bumps. That was the time when I decided, ‘Let’s give people goose bumps like Michael Jackson!’ So I started working as a producer, but, in reality, producers didn't have much power. They had to make songs according to the clients’ request. So we decided to form my own producing unit and make music that we really like. 

What does ‘Standing Eggs’ Mean?

We got an idea from Columbus’ Egg Story. Many people around us said that it is impossible to succeed with acoustic music in Korea. You know, we can’t make a lot of money out of it because acoustic is not popular or Korea’s favorite genre. We wanted to prove that it IS possible for our acoustic music to be heard and be a favorite by many people in Korea as well. This is our challenge, our egg to stand. 

Why Acoustic?

Acoustic music (good acoustic music) has existed in Korea from old times, but people seemed to find foreign artists when they wanted to hear that sort of music. We wanted to let them know that there is also acoustic music in Korea, which is as sweet and high-quality as foreign songs.  

ICan’t Find Any Personal Information or Pictures of the Members

We veil ourselves not because we are ugly (smile). We just want people to focus on our music, not us. We want them to be the fans of Standing Eggs music, not our personal fans.
If we have to show ourselves to the public, we have to buy fancy clothes, do makeup, and ride an expensive car. We want to keep that money and spend it to make better music. We don’t want to be a star; we just want to do our music.  

Do You Call Yourself ‘Indie’?

We are 100% Indie! We make music that we like whenever we want, with our own skill, money, and power. To keep one’s unique color and music style is what indie musicians should aim for. 

When hearing the word ‘indie group’ people usually imagine people playing guitar in their basement or performing on the street, but that’s not the true definition. There is stereotype that indie music is ‘not fully prepared,’ ‘low quality,’ or ‘amateur music.’ We want to break that stereotype. So we invest as much money to our songs as other major musicians do, trying to make perfect, flawless songs.

What Do You Like Besides Music?

We like trying new things. We are now studying camera. A few weeks ago, we went to Paris and took our upcoming album ‘MOMENT’ jacket image by ourselves. We also like doing Standing Eggs-ish things like drinking coffee, listening to music, and talking with friends. I think that’s why we can make that kind of songs. 

The Lyrics Are So Mellow and Sweet!

Most people think the lyricist would be a woman, but actually our Egg #3 is a thirty-something-year-old man. He is very charismatic, chic, and handsome, but he’s lyrics are very sweet and lovely (smile). 

Which Standing Eggs Song Would You Recommend for Winter?

We release piano album ‘MOMENT’ in the middle of this December. We remade our 12 most-loved songs into a piano song. The tracks don’t have lyrics so it might be a great album to listen when you walk or think at a coffee shop. 

Will You Live as an indie musician forever?

Forever. We will always be an indie who make music we love, with our face hidden. (Smile)
How Can We Fans Reach You?

We do a lot of SNS—Facebook, Twitter, blog, and etc. If you have an access to internet, you can meet communicate with us whenever you like! 

contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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