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[Interview] Ko Yoo Jin, His Second life as an Actor

[by Choi Hye Min / translated by Sunghee Park] Charismatic 15 years experienced Rock singer Ko Yoo Jin came back to us as a musical actor. 

With his relaxed acting and vocalization, Ko Yoo Jin soon became a blue chip of musical industry. It has been 3 year since he entered into the musical industry. Still, Ko Yoo Jin can’t forget the moment when he first met his audience at the stage.

Ko Yoo Jin was a singer. In the same time, he is also a musical actor who loves sings as if he is acting. Let’s explore through singer Flower Ko Yoo Jin’s second life as an actor.

Changing career from 15 years experienced singer to new musical actor sounds difficult. Why did you decide to become an actor?

I was attracted to musical ‘Mozart Opera Rock,’ which I saw it by chance. Even though I was very experienced as a singer, I was whole new at this musical industry. I worked enthusiastically, promising myself to learn everything about musical. Also, learning about pros and cons about musical gave me courage to win over the hardships.

Difficulty and Attraction of the Musical

While I was practicing for my first musical piece, I felt so stressful that I lost lots of weight. I even experienced some hair loss. However, what amazing thing was that I felt calm and energized as soon as I saw the audience under the stage. I can’t forget the first moment as a musical actor. 

I like the way how musical actors sing naturally as if they are acting. Even though preparing for musical performance is still difficult, I am enjoying this new challenge toward acting. I didn't’t know when I was a singer. The way how actors and staff works together to achieve one goal is impressive.

Introduce your recent musical ‘Maria Maria’
Musical ‘Maria Maria’ was on the stage last year. Currently, the musical is on its country tour. Even though the musical contains certain Christian Believes, it is designed as a healing musical that provides impression to every audience.

In this musical, I act as one of the main character Jesus. The role begins with 2000 years ago when Jesus first appeared and gets killed by the people. It  ends up when Jesus revitalizes from his death. 

One Last word for Fans
I will continuously work as a singer. Moreover, I will be an actor who provides impression to audience. If I could get a chance, I also want to try acting for dramas and movies. I always dream for new challenge.

Various styling was presented through pictorial taken with bnt news. Do you have any specific style you prefer?

Most of the time, I prefer wearing a comfortable clothes. However, among comfortable clothes, I like to wear clothes with unique feeling. I tried various styling through this pictorial shooting with bnt news. It was fun and new. Especially, wearing black color item as a rock singer made me feel dandy and classic. (photo by bntnews DB/ sponsored by Bando Optical)

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Write: 2013-12-23 19:36:48 / Update: 2013-12-26 12:04:36

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