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[BNT PICK] The Most Charming Band, All About Busker Busker

[by Chloe Yun] We can’t talk about 2014 K-Pop without mentioning Busker Busker, who has always brought us surprise, both in good and bad ways.  

Korea’s popular indie band Busker Busker (Jang Beom Joon, Kim Hyung Tae, and Brad) has given us a shock by making sudden “temporary disband” announcement. As leader Jang Beom Joon decided to get married to his pregnant girlfriend early next year, the members decided to go to a separate way without the big title, ‘Busker Busker.’

As winning the second place from Korea’s popular audition show two years ago, Busker Busker burst onto the K-pop industry, sweeping the music charts with their two official albums for the last 2 years. 

Busker Busker’s ‘disband’ announcement was certainly not a good surprise for some people. Many fans were shocked and confused as though the band broke up with them a few days before Christmas. 

From 2011 when they won the second place at ‘Super Star K3’ to 2013 when they announced to leave, we’ve wrapped up the 2-year-long life story of Busker Busker.  

◆ One and Only, Busker Busker

After winning the second place at Mnet Audition show ‘Super Star K3’ in 2011, Busker Busker brought ‘Indie band craze’ to the K-pop Industry.

Charming appearance, unique low voice, soft acoustic sound, and poetic lyrics. There was no such musician like Busker Busker in Korea before. The band’s uniqueness and exceptional talent made them incomparable.  

Their first album exceeded our expectation. The entire album fully was colored in Busker Busker’s unique style. Their title song ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ swept the music charts, making the fall more romantic and beautiful. 

◆ The Indie Band, Stronger than Idol Stars

A year and a half after ‘Cherry Blossom Ending,’ they came back with new album as professional musicians, not as amateurs anymore. It took less than one day for their title song ‘love at first’ to rank first on every major music chart. From the first to 9th place, Busker Busker filled up the eight major music charts with their new songs.  

They’ve won many awards as well. Along with such big idol stars like EXO, Beast, SHINee, Sistar, IU, and G-Dragon, Busker Busker put their name on ‘Top 10’ list from ‘2013 Melon Music Award.’ Moreover, they won the biggest award, ‘Album of This Year.’ 

Busker Busker also won ‘The Best Band Performance Award’ from ‘2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards,’ which is the biggest music award in Asia. Like a movie, Busker Busker, who used to perform on the street of Hong Dae, became a super star whose songs are heard from everywhere.  

◆ Busker Busker’s 2014 Plan?

As he announced, leader Jang Beom Joon will get married to his actress girlfriend (Song Ji Soo) and become a father of a child next year. He will continue on his music and establish an independent company to invigorate street culture.

Bassist Kim Hyung Tae will also build a media art studio ‘PigRabbit’ and continue on his music career. Drummer Brad will focus on his Drum-DJ band, ‘Brad Project.’ 

Although they made ‘disband’ announcement, Busker Busker’s next step is still unpredictable, based on their unruly history. All we can do is just to wait until they come back with new songs for summer or spring. (photo by CJ E&M, KBS ‘Documentary 3 Days,’ Mnet ‘Super Star K3,’ bntnews DB)

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Write: 2013-12-30 11:14:17 / Update: 2013-12-30 18:27:02

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