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[interview] Life master plan of Lee hyun jin, the ideal senior boy

[by Lee Hyung jun / translated by Kang jung yeon / photo by Lee Hyun mu] Lee Hyun jin have earned his status as a star in his commercial.

In the commercial, he was the hot senior who all the girls want to go out with. Since the commercial, he has been called as an ideal senior.

Recently, he is acting on the stage performing, Spicy Romance. He is trying to make some image change from his ideal senior image. Bntnews met actor Lee hyun jin.

Ideal senior is good, but I want something bigger

search words follows him are ’lost 88 pound’ and ‘superior figure’ on the internet. However, nobody can deny that his title is Ideal senior. People still remember that commercial from 2008.

Ideal senior, I’m really grateful about people calling me that. Since that commercial I had much more opportunity and better known than before.

I think public liked it because it can happen to anyone. I don’t want to abandon the image. I just want to take more steps and show people that I can also do serious act and other things.

Reporter could feel his passion towards acting. Even though he is still young and could perform something similar to Ideal senior, he chooses to take the other way. He looked so full of passion that he deserves something much better and bigger.

First movie as a main character, Chubby Renovation

I've acted in a lot of dramas or sitcoms, but Chubby Renovation was his very first acting as a main character alone. He also shows of his acting skill in his play, Spicy Romance.

Chubby Renovation is not on the theater any more, but I felt good about people watching and liking me acting. I thought taking a first film would be great but actually it was sad.

On the other hand, I tried Spicy Romance because of Kim Su-ro suggested, I never official learned how to do acting but I learned a lot through this play.

He was very serious about his career, life, love and everything. He seriously answered about his ideal type of woman. Unlike guys these days, he said he want to marry early and he like being included or being in proper element.

Want to meet the one and get marry early
Wanting to get married early was unlike other guys but it looked innocent. His eyes were so serious about wanting to have his own family. These eyes were probably the one factor that melted girls’ heart.

He added; if there is someone I would probably dream about getting marry, but I want to focus on my career, and get credit for it. I made debut when he was 23 and I knew nothing at that time. However, now I settled my goal to be a father and an actor.

Sorry to break this to girls who are into him because of commercial, we need to let him go and graduate him from his image. (sponsored by HUM)

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Write: 2012-10-11 17:05:53 / Update: 2012-12-06 19:02:25

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