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[Fads &Trends] Being Pretentious Is New Trend in Korea?

[by Chloe Yun] No one likes pretentious people; “being pretentious” is universally a bitchy behavior, no matter how old you are and where you live. However, Koreans seem to find it quite funny, and, somehow, adorable.

If you call yourself a fan of Korean culture, you might have heard a word ‘Huh Se’ at least one time when you were reading or watching Korean stuff. ‘Huh Se’ means ‘Showing Off’ and ‘Being pretentious.’

There are many typical examples of ‘Huh Se’: Walking along the street holding Takeaway Starbucks which you bought just to take a photo with it, always holding a difficult philosophical book to show people that you are smart, and wearing sunglasses at night. 

But the key point of being ‘Huh Se’ is that you brag about it on SNS with a photo of yourself looking all high-esteemed and emotional. In the country of modesty and humble like Korea? It is a social suicide. 

At first, Koreans hated it and wrote bad comments (I mean cursing) on the ‘Huh Se’ people’s posts, which have actually resulted in serious legal problems. And then, they got sarcastic and started laughing about it. And now? They are enjoying and loving ‘Huh Se.’ 

It is not just a story of commoners. In the center of the ‘Huh Se’ world, there are always some celebrities whose life is so stylish and fabulous that they need to share it to the world through SNS. They have a good reason for it too; they are trying to have "communication with fans."  

There are two types of ‘Huh Se’ in general: ‘I’m So Fabulous and Stylish’ and ‘I’m So Emotional, Poetic, and In Pain’ 

■‘I’m So Fabulous and Stylish’ TYPE 

Examples: Posting a half-naked self-portrait, showing off a new expensive car or bag, talking about a classic music that she/he “listened” when she was “walking on the street in Paris” or how she/he enjoys expensive brunch on week days  

■‘I’m So Emotional, Poetic, and In Pain’ TYPE

Examples: Posting self-portrait taken in the hospital or with red eyes filled with tears, Talking about how painful they are, or saying something emotional and needy like, “I don’t believe in love anymore” or "Do you know where it's raining? My heart."

There is only a micro-thin paper between love and hate. Love easily turns into hate, and hate turns into love. It doesn't matter how pretentious people are. They make us laugh and give good reasons to be sarcastic, instead of being jealous and suffering from low self-esteem.

So, get yourself some 'Huh Se' attitudes and enjoy Korea’s new trend! 

(photo by KBS ‘GAG Concert, Yoo Se Yoon’s Cyworld, Jang Geun Suk’s Cyworld, Baek Chung Gang’s me2day, Chae Yeon’s Cyworld, Lee Hyori's Twitter, KBS 2 ‘Pretty Man’)

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Write: 2014-02-03 16:03:33 / Update: 2014-02-03 16:08:32

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