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[Fads & Trend] Korean Fans Get Their Favorite Artists a Forest For Birthday?

[by Chloe Yun] Some fans are very passionate. We’ve heard many stories about fans giving their idol star an expensive birthday gift, like a Louis Vuitton, Jewelry, and even a fancy car. However, Korean fans seemed to get bored of those birthday ideas (Those are too typical for their special oppas!). Eventually, they started buying a FOREST. 

Yes, it is neither a tree nor a bunch of trees. I’m talking about a real forest that has big land, river, bushes, wild animals and other things that real forests have. Believe it or not, buying your favorite star a forest has become a new trend in Korea among the fan society. 

It is called ‘Star Forest Project.’ Run by Seoul Memorial Tree Business ‘Tree Planet’ and Yeongdeungpo province, ‘Star Forest Project’ is a part of social welfare business that promotes tree planting campaign. Fan club members gather their pocket money and build a forest under the name of their idol stars.

Many idol stars have their own forest. Well, pretty much all the big stars own it, so it has somehow become a pride issue among fans—probably among the celebrities as well—competing over who has a bigger forest than who.  

Last January, EXO member DO put his name on the list of the forest owners. For his birthday, DO’s individual fan communities, ‘Like a Star’ and ‘doplusu.com,’ have built a forest for him, which costs 6,000 US dollars. 

“The DO Forest,” located in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, comprises 280 threes of various kinds, giving the local residents a nice place to rest.  

Not so surprisingly, boy band TVXQ! is currently the owner of the biggest forest among other K-pop stars. To celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary, the fundraising was held through TVXQ’s official fan page and more than 16,000 people from all over the world participated.

They eventually bought their handsome oppas a 1,090m2 forest, which cost them 42,000 US dollars. ‘TVXQ! Forest’ is located in Yeongdeungpo near DO’s forest.

If the idol stars go global? Then the fans go global. B.A.P’s fans have built a forest in Africa. To celebrate B.A.P’s first official album release, their fans decided to spend their birthday money on saving the environment, instead of buying fancy shoes for the group. 

“The B.A.P forest” is located in Burundi of Southeast Africa, consisting of various kinds of tropical trees including banana and orange, which will also become a good source of food for African children. 

‘Tree Planet’ has built 24 forests dedicated to K-pop stars including 2NE1, Shinhwa, Roy Kim, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ!, and Infinite, planting more than 460,000 trees in 7 countries. 460,000 trees absorb 88 tons of carbon dioxide and produce enough oxygen to be used by 239 people in one year.

It turns out this whole buying-a-forest-for-idol-star thing is much less crazier than it sounded at first. Fans do good deeds under the name of their idol stars to make them look good. K-pop idol stars are much stronger than I thought. They make millions of fans to contribute to the society, and, in fact, to clean the world. 

Spending millions of money on planting trees across the world instead of buying a fancy toy? Fans are happy, K-pop stars are happy, and the earth is happy. This might be the best birthday gift idea ever. 

(photo by Tree Planet, YTREE MEDIA, DREAME, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, TS Entertainment, Jun Hyo Sung’s Twitter, Son Ho Joon’s Twitter, Girls’Generation ‘official website, Park Hyung Sik’s Twitter, bntnews DB) 

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